• How Are Home Heating Systems Cleaned?

    Your home’s heating system has a big job. In order to heat your home efficiently, you need to keep your home heating system clean and have air duct cleaning done on a regular basis. It will help you improve your indoor air quality and ensure that your heating system doesn’t distribute dirty air throughout your home. Check out some of the essentials of cleaning a home heating system below. A heating and cooling company in Nashville can perform this importance service for you. hvac - services

    Cleaning the Cooling Coil

    Whether you are heating or cooling your home, the coil will work to transfer heat to keep your home comfortable. Over time, this coil will become dirty, and it will need to be cleaned. It can be difficult to access the coil on your own, so you will need to have it serviced by a company that specializes in heating system cleaning. By cleaning your coil, you will keep your entire HVAC system running more efficiently than it is now.

    Inspecting the Motor, Fan, Grill, and Other Parts

    When a heating and cooling company performs cleaning and inspection services, they will also take the time to check out all of the other parts inside of your heating system. They will lubricate any moving parts and clean any parts that appear to be dirty. When dirt is able to build up in your heating system, it can force it to use more energy than it should to heat up your home. To prevent this problem, you should have all of your heating system’s parts inspected and cleaned at least once every year.

    Removing Dirt, Dust, and Debris from the Air Ducts

    Air duct cleaning is vital, because your air ducts are used to carry air throughout your home. If they are filled with dirt, dust, and other contaminants, your indoor air quality will suffer. By cleaning your air ducts and replacing your air filters regularly, you can keep your home’s air cleaner.

  • A Closer Look at Furnace Maintenance Checklists

    At least once every year, you should have a heating and cooling company in Nashville come to your home to perform furnace maintenance. It will allow you to keep your furnace running properly and give you an opportunity to do any furnace repair that needs to be done. When you have furnace service completed, there are a number of things that a heating and cooling company will do. Here are some of the steps that should be on their checklist. furnace - repairs

    Inspect electrical connections within your furnace.

    There are many electrical connections located within your furnace, and if one of them is broken, loose, or not connected, your entire furnace may suffer. During furnace maintenance, a heating and cooling company will check all of these connections to make sure they don’t need to be replaced. If they do, they can perform repair on the spot and prevent you from experiencing problems in the future.

    Lubricate your furnace’s moving parts.

    The moving parts that are inside of your furnace need to be lubricated or else they will wear out very quickly and eventually break down on you. When performing furnace maintenance, your heating and cooling company should check the lubrication levels of these parts and add lubrication, if necessary.

    Clear out the furnace’s condensate drain.

    Your furnace’s condensate drain is used to clear out any moisture that forms as a result of running the HVAC system. If this drain becomes blocked, it could lead to water damage and even mold and bacteria growth in your home. A heating and cooling company can check the drain and make sure it’s clear before you start using your furnace again.

    Replace your furnace filter.

    To keep your furnace running efficiently, you should replace your furnace filter on your own once every one to three months, depending on how often you use your HVAC system. A heating and cooling company can check your filter during furnace maintenance to ensure that it’s working properly and doesn’t need to be replaced at that specific time.

  • How to Choose a Reputable HVAC Contractor

    Before you hire an HVAC company to complete heating or air conditioning repair in your home, you should do your homework to make sure that the company is qualified for the job. Watch this video to see how to choose the right contractor to work on your HVAC system.

    If possible, you should try and track down an HVAC contractor in Nashville who has experience working with your specific type of furnace or air conditioner. It will make your heating or air conditioning repair go more smoothly. Additionally, you should check online reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations prior to having an HVAC repair done. By taking these steps, you should be able to find the best contractor for the job so that you can fix your heating or cooling issue right away.

  • Determining Furnace Air Flow Direction

    Changing your air filter is one of the most important steps of HVAC maintenance . As a homeowner, you can perform this simple HVAC repair on your own. When you are replacing your furnace air filter, it is critical to determine the air flow pattern of your filter. The air flow pattern marks the direction in which air moves in and out of your system, and furnace filters work properly when they are aligned with the air flow pattern of the unit. For help with any other heating and air concerns, be sure to contact a company offering one hour heating and air conditioning in Nashville. To learn more about determining furnace air flow direction, watch this video from essortment.

  • The Benefits of Membership in the Comfort Club

    Comfort Club Nashville One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning makes it easy to receive furnace and AC repair in Nashville, and they make it even easier to maintain your HVAC system. Comfort Club, One Hour’s HVAC maintenance agreement , is designed to meet or exceed all manufacturer and extended warranty requirements for system maintenance. The maintenance services provided with a Comfort Club membership even surpass the recommendations set by the U.S. Department of Energy and most utility companies—but that’s not all.

    As a Comfort Club member, you’ll also receive premium client rewards and privileges such as reduced diagnostic fees, a 15 percent discount on parts and labor, and priority scheduling. If you live in Nashville, get in touch with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Comfort Club member.

  • Spotlight on the No-Hassle Maintenance Club

    Without regular HVAC maintenance, your heating and cooling system can develop serious problems, causing you a great deal of frustration and discomfort—not to mention the cost of repairing or replacing your HVAC system. Fortunately, there is a maintenance program that takes the guesswork out maintaining your HVAC system.

    Spotlight on the No-Hassle Maintenance Club | Nashville, TN The Comfort Club by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Nashville provides members with regular, bi-annual checkups and service. As a Comfort Club member, you will receive one precision tune-up, professional cleaning, and one safety check of both your air conditioner and heating equipment. Comfort Club members also enjoy special privileges such as discounts on parts and labor and priority scheduling. Contact the HVAC maintenance experts at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about the benefits of joining the Comfort Club.