• Tips for Choosing a New Thermostat

    One of the key features to your HVAC system is your thermostat. Though HVAC repair serving Nashville may predominantly address your furnace and air conditioner units , your thermostat should always be inspected. By installing the right thermostat, you can save on energy costs, future HVAC repairs, and maintain your personal comfort.

    • Check that the thermostat matches your current equipment. Many thermostats may control only one system, such as your furnace or air conditioner. Before you buy a new unit, determine it is the correct one for your systems.
    • Consider the level of technology in your thermostat. There are high-technical thermostats that offer several different features, but there are also simpler units that can cool your house down just as well. Pick a thermostat that you will be comfortable using.
    • Do not pick a thermostat because it is the lowest in price. Many of these units may be subpar and not offer the amount of comfort you are looking for to cool or heat your home.
    • Speak with your HVAC repair and maintenance company. These HVAC repair professionals can help you choose the right thermostat for your home.

  • Signs That You Need to Install a New Air Conditioner

    There may be obvious signs you need an air conditioning replacement , but sometimes there are less-obvious clues that you could benefit from a new air conditioning installation in Nashville. If you suspect you may need a new air conditioner, then continue reading to learn some of the subtle signs of a failing air conditioner.

    Your current air conditioner has become more trouble than its worth.

    When you are constantly calling for air conditioner repair or replacing parts, then you have a good sign that your unit should be replaced. Just like with every machine, you will not be able to replace parts forever. If you find yourself consistently spending money on your air conditioner, and the problem is not getting any better, then it is time to look into an air conditioning replacement.

    Your house is not as cool as it used to be.

    Maybe you only need to do the occasional part replacement, and you have regular air conditioning maintenance. Over time, air conditioners can still begin to put out less cool air or not filter the indoor air quality as well as they once did. Be aware of how your air conditioner behaves over the years. Pay attention to your energy bill, as well. If the bill amount does not match the output of your unit, it may be time for a new air conditioner. If you notice that your air quality and temperature are not what they once were, then you should have a professional out to service the unit and talk about replacing it.

    Your current air conditioner is over 10 years old.

    Even if your air conditioner unit seems to be in good condition, replacing an older unit can do wonders for your energy savings. New air conditioning replacements have higher standards put out by the Department of Energy. These higher standards can result in greater savings, better cooling, and less environmental impact.

  • Comparing Your Furnace Options

    There are many options to consider when choosing a furnace. Your heating services can help you choose the best furnace or heating option for your home and desires. These options may include natural gas, electric, or propane gas, depending on your individual needs. Consult your heating services near Nashville to further help you determine the best furnace option well before winter arrives.

    As you can see in the short video, whether your heater is not working or you have regular maintenance, there are some simple tasks the homeowner can do, but there are other components you will need a professional for. Professional heating specialists can look at the different types of furnaces available to help you decide if you need an upgrade and which one would be best. Some heating options, such as a heat pump, are only good options if the local climate allows it to work best.

  • Energy Efficient Cooling Tips for the Summer Season

    Summer is definitely here, and homeowners have probably started calling for air conditioning service near Nashville . By scheduling air conditioning service and HVAC repair, you can avoid potential problems and keep your house as cool as possible. In between your air conditioning service, there are many tips and tricks to keep your house as cool as possible, while saving you money and energy.

    Work Your Thermostat

    Even though your air conditioner does most of the work, it is controlled by the thermostat. Learn how to work the thermostat to your advantage in the summer months. Try to keep the temperature as high as you can comfortably stand. Keep the thermostat off or set it higher when no one is in the house. Keep the temperature at 78° or higher when you are home—every degree lower can cost you up to 10% in energy bills.

    Avoid Using Hot Appliances

    During the summer months, try to keep your appliance usage as low as possible. Appliances, especially the oven and clothes dryer, generate a significant amount of heat and energy. By using these appliances as little as possible, you can keep your house cooler.

    Change Your Air Filters

    You should replace your air filters every few months throughout the year. However, you should consider changing the filters every month during the summer. As you run your air conditioning more regularly, the filters collect more dust and dirt from inside and outside the house. By replacing the filters once a month, your air conditioner system will not have to work as hard to cool the house and maintain the indoor air quality.

    Call for HVAC Maintenance

    You should have your heating and cooling professionals out at least twice a year. They will check your systems for the summer and winter. This air conditioning service can flag potential problems, and help maintain the unit’s efficiency. HVAC repair and maintenance professionals can also help you replace your air filters.