• The Basics of Furnace Maintenance

    Furnace maintenance in Nashville is not something to be trifled with. It is very important to keep your heater working well, but it can also affect your internal pipes if not done correctly. When scheduling your furnace maintenance , be sure to call your professional HVAC services who will know exactly what to look for and how best to keep your furnace running at maximum efficiency.

    When you hire professional furnace and heating maintenance, your system will undergo a thorough cleaning and inspection. After power to the unit has be disconnected, your furnace professional will clean the soot and grime out of the combustion chamber. He will check the flue pipe, ductwork, and vents to be sure there are no leaks or corroded parts. He will replace the oil and air filters for maximum heating efficiency. Finally, as part of your professional furnace maintenance, your system will be tested out to make sure there are no problems, and it is heating the area efficiently. This will also be the time to voice any concerns you may have about furnace problems or a future air conditioner replacement.

  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Central Heating

    There are a few basic steps you as the homeowner can do to check your heating services in Nashville. As you can see in the video, checking on your heating services regularly can help save you money and prevent costly HVAC repairs in the future.

    If you ever notice your heater is not working, or is working harder than usual, check the pilot light and power switch first. Make sure both of these are on. You should also check your air filter, in case it should be replaced. If your heater is still not working, then call for professional HVAC services. A company offering heating installation and maintenance will have the necessary tools and experience to inspect portions of the heating unit that you cannot reach.

  • Getting Your Air Conditioning Ready for Summer

    Summer is here, which means it is time to schedule your air conditioning service in Nashville . You want you and your family to be comfortable this summer, so be sure to take the time to get your air conditioning in working order. Though you probably did not use your unit over the winter, it can still experience some wear and tear as well as accumulation of dust and debris. Here are some easy ways you can get your AC working well, in addition to calling your air conditioning service when your unit is not making your home cold enough.

    Replace the Air Filters

    The easiest step you should always do for your summer air conditioning maintenance is to change the air filters. Air filters are not overly expensive, and they are easily replaced. You should be replacing the filters every few months or more depending on how often you run the air conditioner. Without regular filter replacements, your AC unit will have to work much harder to cool your home.

    Clean the Main Unit

    Your main AC unit, usually located outside, should always get a good cleaning with a spray hose. This will clean out any dirt and dust present on the fan and coils. Before spraying, unplug the power to the unit. If you notice large debris or leaves and grass, remove it to keep from blocking the unit. Continue checking during the summer months to keep the AC running efficiently.

    Check the Ductwork

    Leaky ductwork can severely cut down on your heating and cooling efficiency. The air can escape the ducts, and your home is left without the maximum amount of cool air. If you notice cracks in the ductwork or seals, cover them with foil tape or call your air conditioning service.

    Schedule Professional Maintenance

    Many air conditioning services offer year-round maintenance plans. They will come out once or twice a year to give your AC and heater a tune-up. They will also provide service calls whenever you suspect a problem or the AC is not working. Call your HVAC company to see what service and maintenance plans they provide.