• How to Use Your Thermostat

    Experts in furnace repair and air conditioning installation near Nashville find that it’s common for people to set their thermostats lower once the weather gets warm. A thermostat’s purpose is to maintain the desired temperature in your home year-round, no matter what the temperature is outside, so there should be no need to adjust the settings in this way.

    People also set their thermostats lower than they want their home to feel, believing it will cool the interior faster. The thermostat only controls the final temperature that you home will reach, and not the speed that it will get there. By turning your thermostat particularly low, you unnecessarily risk overcooling your home.

    Another myth about thermostats is that constantly leaving them on a moderate setting will save you money on energy costs. Even if you have the temperature set reasonably, keeping your home warm or cool while you are out is more expensive for most households than consistently setting your thermostat comfortably low or high. Your furnace repair specialist can provide more tips.

  • Getting the Facts About Indoor Air Quality

    Whether at home, school, or work, the average person spends most of their time indoors. If you’re wondering about the importance of air conditioning repair and indoor air quality in Nashville, the air you breathe is a major concern that can affect your health and that of your family. Installing air purifiers in your home and keeping up with air duct cleaning, air conditioning repair, and furnace service can help keep your home safe from indoor pollution.

    Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

    Designated a top five environmental danger by the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is a health hazard that people face daily. In many cases, it’s people’s daily habits that lead to polluted indoor air, such as chemicals from cleaning products, paints, personal care products, and solvents. Also, excess moisture in your home can lead to mold and bacteria growth, both of which have a negative impact on your indoor air quality. The EPA estimates that some homes have as much as five times the level of pollution that outdoor air does, and studies have shown that indoor air quality is a concern for homes wherever they are located. Some of the causes of indoor air pollution include chemical products, combustion sources, and building materials.

    Indoor Air Quality and Health

    Exposure to harmful chemicals released by household products has been linked to allergic reactions, dizziness, nausea, skin irritation, and even cancer. When purchasing household products, keep in mind how their ingredients and byproducts may affect your health. Pediatric asthma rates have increased and this condition is currently one of the most common chronic illnesses that affects children. Indoor air quality has been linked to the development of asthma in children.

    Smoking and Indoor Air Quality

    Secondhand smoke is among the most common and dangerous sources of indoor air pollution. Containing a minimum of 60 chemicals that have been linked to cancer, secondhand smoke is considered to be among the worst air pollutants in the world. Exposure to secondhand smoke has been shown to cause ear infections, pneumonia, and respiratory infections in infants, and nonsmokers account for over 3,000 lung cancer deaths each year.

  • May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

    This year’s warmer than normal winter has delivered a bounty of blooms in many parts of the country. Flowers, trees and plants are budding and sprouting. For many people this also brings runny noses, itching throats, and the sounds of coughing and wheezing. According to the National Asthma and Allergy Foundation the month of May is peak season for asthma and allergy suffers. They estimate about 50 million Americans have allergies. To help breathe a little easier, the technicians at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning ® recommend this spring checklist:

    • Spring Cleaning : Dust and clean your home frequently. Wash bed linens and clothing weekly in hot water to help kill bacteria and dust mites.
    • Avoid the Temptation to Air out the House: We know it’s tempting to open up the windows and doors, to let the air in, but it could also bring in pollen from outside.
    • Change Your Air Filter: Replace the filters for your HVAC system monthly or as required by your system’s manufacturer. A clean filter helps trap dust and pollutants. It also helps your system operate more efficiently.
    • Get A Tune Up: A national survey conducted by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, found only about half of U.S. homeowners had their HVAC systems maintained within the last 12 months. That means you could be breathing in 365 days’ worth of pollen, dirt, and irritants. A trained technician can clean and inspect your unit, coils, drain pans and make sure your unit is operating at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance could also help save energy and money.
    • IAQ and Ductwork: The qualified professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can upgrade your air filtration system and seal leaky duct work with improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and efficiency in mind. We offer many services like duct cleaning which can help remove contaminants and we offer duct repairs and upgrades to meet new building codes.

    To speak with a local professional on how to improve indoor air quality during asthma and allergy season contact your One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Nashville!

  • No Good Jobs Left?

    Air conditioning installation, furnace repair, air duct cleaning, and HVAC repair in Nashville are just a few of the services that are currently in high demand. Employers are looking for skilled labor because there is a skills gap in our country when it comes to jobs like air duct cleaning, and it’s getting more serious every year. Watch this video to learn about the myth that there are no good jobs left.

    Confusion about jobs is negatively affecting our nation, and one source of misunderstanding is the myth that there are no good jobs left in America. Millions of Americans believe that opportunity is dead, but 3.1 million good jobs exist right now, and another 2.5 million additional opportunities are expected to emerge over the next two years. As long as you’re willing to learn a skill that’s in demand and apply yourself, you’ll find that the skills gap is real and that your opportunity to find a career is now.

    EP1 Introduction – No Good Jobs Left from Clockwork Home Services on Vimeo

  • Is Your Air Conditioning Ready for Summer?

    Once the weather starts to heat up, it’s essential to get your air conditioning system in Nashville ready for the sweltering summer months. People flip on their air conditioning as soon as the weather warms, but sometimes find that it’s functioning poorly and are forced to endure the heat until an HVAC repair company can make it to their home. To avoid this, take care of any air conditioning repair needs early and get your air conditioning ready for summer before it gets too hot.

    Change the Air Filter

    A standard step in air conditioning maintenance is air filter upkeep. The filter is a unit, usually rectangular or square, that fits inside the register for the air conditioning duct. Some units are designed with disposable filters which can be purchased at your local hardware store, and others have permanent filters that require cleaning. Filters should be cleaned or replaced once per month to improve the indoor air quality of your home and to help your A/C unit work more efficiently.

    Check the Indoor Ductwork

    A complete air duct cleaning will need to be done by a professional because most of the ductwork is hidden inside your home’s walls and ceilings, but you can keep parts of the ducts dry and clean by removing the A/C registers and wiping away the dust and debris that you can reach. Condensation can cause moisture to build up in air ducts and lead to fungus and mold growth. If you notice any water damage while cleaning your ducts, contact an air conditioning repair professional immediately to prevent further problems.

    Schedule a Professional Tune-Up

    You can avoid having to endure summer days inside of a stuffy, unconditioned home by scheduling a pre-season A/C maintenance appointment. An HVAC professional will be equipped with the tools and know-how to recognize and address any problems with your air conditioning unit, and get it functioning again before summer hits. Regular maintenance will help your air conditioner run efficiently and increase its lifespan, as well as save you money.