• How a Thermostat Works

    If you adjust your thermostat and it doesn’t begin to heat or cool your home within just a few minutes, you may need to have furnace repair done. Otherwise, your thermostat is the only thing you will need to change the temperature of your home. Watch this video to see exactly how a thermostat near Nashville works.

    Your thermostat is connected directly to your HVAC system and is designed to tell it whether or not it needs to be on. As long as you don’t need furnace repair done, you will be able to turn the temperature up or down with your thermostat. You can even program most thermostats to turn your furnace on and off based on the time of the day. By learning more about how your thermostat works, you can effectively heat and cool your home and keep it comfortable.

  • A Brief Guide to Mold

    If you have mold growth in your home, you may experience allergic reactions, flu-like symptoms, and other negative side effects. Mold may also be a sign that you need to have air conditioning repair done. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can perform heating and air conditioning service in Nashville to prevent you from having to deal with mold.

    Mold typically grows in areas of the home where water exists. When drywall, carpeting, or any other surface becomes wet, it turns into the perfect place for mold to grow. When your AC unit is in need of air conditioning repair, it may leak small amounts of water that will encourage mold growth in your home. You should have heating and air conditioner service done on a regular basis to prevent these types of problems from affecting your home. When you call on One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for help, we will investigate your entire HVAC system and inspect it for mold so that you can begin the mold remediation process if you need to.

  • Signs Your Thermostat Needs Attention

    Your home’s thermostat is designed to tell your entire HVAC system when to turn on and when to turn off based on how hot or cold you want it to be in your house. If the thermostat isn’t working properly, it could leave the system on longer than you want and force you to seek furnace or air conditioner repair .

    If your thermostat is not heating or cooling your home the way you expect it to, there’s a good chance it needs to be replaced. Don’t put off replacing it, because if you do, it could lead to costly furnace or air conditioner repair. By having your thermostat replaced, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run and start keeping your home at a comfortable temperature again.

  • Tips for Shopping for a New Furnace

    Have you exhausted all of your furnace repair options and decided to purchase a new furnace for your home? If so, there are some steps you should take before you add a new furnace to your HVAC system in Nashville. Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for a new furnace.

    Find a Reputable Furnace Dealer in Your Area

    The average homeowner doesn’t know much about furnaces, so when you start shopping for one, you will need to find a furnace dealer that is knowledgeable about home furnaces. In addition to knowing about furnaces, a good dealer should also be very mindful about your needs and be able to deliver the kind of quality customer service that you want. From new furnaces to furnace repair, your dealer should be skilled in a variety of different areas with regards to heating systems.

    Invite Your Furnace Dealer to Your Home to Inspect It

    After you have located a furnace dealer that you feel comfortable with, you should invite him or her to your home to take a look at your current HVAC system. By walking through your home, the furnace dealer should be able to gauge what type of furnace would be best for you and your family. Feel free to ask plenty of questions to your furnace dealer, and listen carefully so that you know what your new furnace will do for your home.

    Pick the Furnace That Fits Into Your Budget

    Once you have selected a furnace dealer and invited him or her to your home, it will be time for you to choose your furnace. Your dealer should be able to provide you with several different options. Don’t feel obligated to purchase a furnace that does not fit into your budget. At the same time, be aware of the fact that you can likely finance a furnace if you find one that is ideal for your home. Follow these tips and you’ll have a new furnace heating up your home in no time.

  • Making Your Furnace More Energy Efficient

    A furnace can keep your home comfortable throughout the year, but it can also cost a lot of money if it ends up running all the time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make it run more efficiently. From replacing your furnace filter regularly to having furnace repair done, you can cut your energy costs significantly in no time. Check out the furnace maintenance near Nashville you can do to make your furnace more energy efficient.

    Change Your Furnace Filter on a Routine Basis

    Your furnace filter is probably the least expensive part within your HVAC system, but it’s arguably the most important. It will prevent dirt, dust, and debris from getting into your system. However, if you fail to replace it, your furnace filter can become clogged and force your furnace to work overtime to pull air in. This will cause your furnace to use more energy than it should and, if you don’t take steps to correct the problem, it could even lead to the need for furnace repair.

    Replace Old Windows and Make Sure Your Home Is Insulated Properly

    Do you have really old windows in your home? Or have you noticed that your home doesn’t seem to contain warm air very well? This might be because your windows and walls aren’t doing a good job of insulating the warm air that your furnace produces. As a result, your home will always feel cool and your furnace will have to stay on longer to produce more warm air. By replacing your windows and installing new insulation, you can make sure that no warm air is escaping and give your furnace a break.

    Hire a Heating and Cooling Company to Do Furnace Service

    You should have furnace service done once every year. A heating and cooling company can come to your home, check out your entire HVAC system, and make any repairs that need to be made to keep your system running smoothly. It w ill make your entire HVAC system run more efficiently and reduce the amount of energy you are using on a monthly basis.

  • Tips for Changing Your Furnace Filter

    To keep your furnace working as efficiently as possible and to avoid costly furnace repair in the future, you should change your furnace filter regularly. Watch this video to hear about the furnace maintenance near Nashville that you should do with regards to your furnace filter.

    Your furnace filter is responsible for filtering all of the air that is pulled into your furnace and sent back out throughout your home to heat and cool it. If you don’t have a furnace filter, you will likely distribute contaminants throughout your home whenever you use your heating and air conditioning system. Or if you do have a furnace filter but haven’t changed it in awhile, you will force your HVAC system to work harder to keep your home comfortable. Change your furnace filter every one to three months, and you should not need to have furnace repair done often.

  • How to Choose the Right Furnace Filter

    What kind of furnace filter are you using in your home right now? If you don’t know the answer to that question, you need to take some time to consider it. The furnace filter that you are currently using might not filter dirt, debris, and other contaminants out of your air as effectively as you need it to. This could lead to the need for costly furnace repair down the line. You can help your heating systems in Nashville run more efficiently by changing the type of furnace filter you use. Here’s how to choose the right one. nashville furnace filter service

    Consider more than just the price of a furnace filter.

    Most homeowners opt to use a disposable fiberglass furnace filter because it is usually the cheapest option. This type of furnace filter might work well in your home, but you shouldn’t select it simply because of the price. Cheaper filters will not remove allergens from the air in your home, so you might end up with poor indoor air quality despite the use of a furnace filter. You also might need to have furnace repair done eventually because of a cheap furnace filter.

    Think about which contaminants and allergens you need to filter from your air.

    Do you have allergies, or does someone in your family suffer from asthma? If so, a disposable pleated or electrostatic furnace filter is probably a much better option for you than a fiberglass filter. These types of furnace filters will remove very tiny particles from your air and help those who suffer from allergies or asthma. There are also permanent furnace filters that you can buy that will filter your air effectively.

    Change your furnace filter on a routine basis.

    Regardless of which type of furnace filter you choose, you should make sure that you are replacing it on a regular cycle or washing it if it is a permanent furnace filter option. By doing this, you will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, avoid the need for HVAC repair, and keep the air in your home clean.

  • Making Your Home a Healthier Place

    Regardless of how often you clean your home, you could be living in a very unhealthy environment due to the pollutants and allergens that are in your home’s air. By having air duct cleaning done on a regular basis, you can prevent these contaminants from harming you and your family. It will significantly improve your indoor air quality in Nashville. Here are some other steps you can take to make your home healthier than it is right now.

    Learn More About the Contaminants in Your Air

    Most people don’t think about the contaminants that could be in their indoor air, because they can’t see them. Therefore, they could be doing a lot of harm to their health without even realizing it. You should understand that there are plenty of potentially hazardous contaminants in your air at all times. From gases that come from appliances that are not vented properly to mold, pet dander, and smoke from cigarettes, you are likely exposing your family to contaminants at all times. These contaminants need to be removed from your home routinely.

    Change Your Furnace Filters Regularly

    The good news for you is that, while your home contains many contaminants, your furnace filter often filters them out of your air. The problem, though, is that far too many homeowners don’t change their furnace filters often enough. As a result, contaminants eventually work their way through filters and are distributed throughout your home via your heating systems. You can change your filter on your own to prevent this from happening. You can also have air duct cleaning done to improve your indoor air quality.

    Use the Best Cleaning Equipment Possible

    Are you using a vacuum that sucks up all of the dust in your carpeting? Are you using a mop that is guaranteed to pick up all of the tiny particles that your vacuum misses? If not, you should consider upgrading your cleaning equipment to ensure that you are getting your home as clean as possible when you clean it. It will make your home a healthier place.