• Tips for Efficient Heating and Cooling

    During the summer months, your HVAC system may use up to half of the total energy of your home. To help cool your home more efficiently, you may want to invest in a new heating and cooling system that has the Energy Star label. An Energy Star rated HVAC system can save you up to 200 dollars annually. To ensure the best efficiency from your air conditioner, you should also make sure that your equipment is properly installed. A company offering installation for HVAC in Nashville will make sure that your new equipment is properly sized and installed. To learn more great tips on how to heat and cool your home more efficiently, check out this video from Alliance To Save Energy.

  • How Mike Rowe Is Changing the Skilled Trades Industry

    You may be familiar with Mike Rowe through his acclaimed TV series, Dirty Jobs. Now, Mike Rowe is using his notoriety to assist professionals in the HVAC industry. The mikeroweWORKS Foundation is committed to helping men and women across the country start their careers in the heating and air industry. From air duct cleaning to air conditioner repair and more, this foundation provides workers with the skills they need to get started in their chosen trade. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is a proud sponsor of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. Let’s take a closer look at how Mike Rowe is changing the HVAC and skilled trade industries.

    Mike Rowe in the Media
    Mike Rowe rose to public fame as the host of Dirty Jobs, which is a Discovery Channel hit television show. On Dirty Jobs, Rowe was able to get down and dirty with professionals in a wide range of fields. From geoduck farmers to heavy equipment operators, Rowe has delved into some of the most fascinating and dirtiest jobs in many different industries.

    Giving Back to Workers
    Recently, Mike Rowe has announced the formation of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation , which is a unique program that will help transform the lives of many workers in the skilled trades industry. This foundation is committed to helping men and women receive the skills and training they need to become professionals in their chosen fields. Through scholarships and training programs, mikeroweWORKS hopes to close the gap for many aspiring trade professionals.

    Support and Sponsorship
    The mikeroweWORKS Foundation has received support and sponsorship from nationally renowned companies, such as One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Through these corporate partners, the foundation has been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars towards scholarships and other programs. By providing needed assistance to professionals in the skilled trades industries, the mikeroweWORKS foundation is poised to transform the careers and lives of many aspiring workers.

  • Reasons to Choose One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

    One Hour Heating and Air of Nashville If you are seeking the best available services for your air conditioner this summer, you should be sure to contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Nashville. Our company is proud to offer highly rated services for your HVAC system. There are many advantages to choosing us for your heating and cooling repairs. For example, our maintenance club can help you avoid costly breakdowns. With routine services from our skilled technicians, you can also boost the overall efficiency of your existing unit. When you keep up on the routine repair needs of your HVAC system, you can also rest assured that you are honoring the manufacturer’s warranty. In order to provide our customers with the best available services, we also offer discounted repairs and priority scheduling for the members of our maintenance club. By choosing our company for heating and air conditioning in Nashville, you are guaranteed to have the best maintenance experience.

  • How Do Air Conditioners Work?

    The warm summer season has arrived in Nashville, and now is the time to make sure that your air conditioner is in proper working condition for the hot days ahead. During the summer, your home’s AC system is vital for your comfort at home. With a few simple maintenance procedures from a company offering one hour heating and air conditioning in Nashville, you can rest assured that your heating and cooling system is ready to help you stay cool. One of the best ways to keep up on your air conditioner’s maintenance needs is to learn how these sophisticated appliances work. Here is a closer look at the science behind your air conditioner.

    How an AC works Phase Conversion
    The basic principle behind air conditioning is a phenomenon known as phase conversion . Phase conversion is a term that describes the process of a liquid transforming into a gas state. When this transformation occurs, the gas is able to remove heat from the surrounding air. Air conditioners use this principle in order to generate cool air for your home.

    In order to achieve efficient and effective phase conversion, each air conditioning system is equipped with liquid refrigerant. Refrigerant is a unique substance, in that it is able to transform from a liquid into a gas at lower temperatures. By contrast, liquids such as water must be heated to higher temperatures before they become gaseous. As the refrigerant flows through the air conditioner’s evaporator coils, it immediately changes into a cool gas.

    Condenser Coils
    Along with the evaporator coils, the condenser coils are another essential component of every air conditioning system. If liquid refrigerant was left to simply turn into a gas, your air conditioner would run out of refrigerant very rapidly. Instead, the gaseous refrigerant is sent into the condenser coils, where it is transformed back into a liquid. After it has returned to a liquid state, it will travel through the air conditioner all over again.

  • What You Need to Know About AC Filters

    In order to keep your HVAC system running great, you will need to change your AC and furnace filters on a routine basis. During the summer months, it is a great idea to change your AC filter on a monthly basis. Your air conditioner filter will typically be located near your home’s thermostat. After locating and removing your existing filter, you may want to replace your filter with a high efficiency model. This type of filter will remove the greatest amount of dust and other particles from your heating and air system. For help with any other AC repairs this summer, be sure to contact a company offering HVAC in Nashville . To take a closer look at all you need to know about AC filters, check out this video from expertvillage.

  • Common Indoor Air Contaminants

    While you may know about the dangers of pollutants in the environment, it may come as a surprise that the air inside your home may also be contaminated with harmful substances. When your home has poor indoor air quality , your HVAC system could become compromised. By working with a company specializing in heating and air in Nashville, you can change your furnace filters and perform other repairs that will help to boost the indoor air quality of your home. Along with HVAC service, you can help protect your indoor air quality by learning more about potential sources of pollution. Here is a closer look at some of the most common indoor air contaminants.

    Indoor Air Contaminants in Nashville Biological Contaminants
    Biological contaminants are among the most common sources of indoor air pollution. Some of the contaminants in this category include mold, mildew, pet dander, and bacteria. While some biological contaminants can be brought into the home from outside sources, others can be generated due to conditions inside your home. For example, excessive indoor moisture can lead to a household mold problem.

    Chemical Contaminants
    Chemical contaminants are another source of indoor pollution that may be lingering in the air that your breathe. These types of contaminants are divided into gases and particles. Your home may become affected by chemical contaminants due to indoor cleaning supplies, which can sometimes release harmful particles into the air. In addition, carpeting and new furniture can also be primary sources of chemical contamination in your home’s air.

    Combustion Contaminants
    Combustion contaminants are a serious health concern for any homeowner. When combustion contaminants are present in your indoor air, the health and safety of your household could be at rise. Combustion contaminants are defined as any by-products of heat production. This category includes carbon monoxide, which is a deadly health hazard in your home. To make sure that your household is protected from indoor air contaminants, it is a great idea to schedule service with an HVAC company near you.

  • Potential Problems With Air Conditioners

    Air Conditioners | Nashville During the hot summer months, your air conditioner is your main defense against the heat. When you experience air conditioner problems, this HVAC emergency can leave you hot and uncomfortable until your heating and cooling company can arrive. There are a few AC repair problems that you may experience with your unit. If your fans are dusty or clogged, you may find that your air conditioner does not cool your home efficiently. Additionally, leaking refrigerant can also result in a loss of cooling. A company offering one hour heating and air conditioning in Nashville can take a look at your cooling problem right away.