• Tips for Preserving the Performance of Your Air Conditioner

    A new air conditioner is a sizeable investment. That’s why it’s important that you make the most of your existing AC system before spending thousands on a new unit. With routine AC service and timely AC repairs from a heating and cooling expert in Nashville, you can significantly extend the life of your air conditioning system. Here are some helpful tips to preserve the performance of your air conditioner for many years to come.

    Give Your Air Conditioner a Rest

    It may sound easier said than done in the summer months, but the more you can lay off using your air conditioner the longer it will last. Take advantage of cooler temperatures during the spring and fall by opening windows and doors to cool down your home instead of running your air conditioner. When summer temperatures set in, use ceiling fans and heavy window coverings to help cool down your home and reduce the load on your AC system.

    Take AC Maintenance Serious

    Just as an oil change and tire rotation can keep your car in tip-top shape, AC maintenance can similarly preserve the performance of your air conditioner. Get in the habit of cleaning or replacing air filters at least once every three months during the off-season and monthly during the summer. Keep the area around your AC unit clear of shrubs, grass, and other debris that can clog the fan and decrease performance. You can set up a maintenance plan with a HVAC company in Nashville to take the guesswork out of AC maintenance.

    Preserving the Performance of Your Air Conditioner | Nashville, TN

    Schedule Annual Tune-Ups

    It doesn’t matter if your air conditioner is just a few years old or on the wrong side of the decade mark, annual tune-ups will keep your AC unit running at peak performance for as long as possible. Annual air conditioning service will also allow your HVAC contractor to identify and repair small problems before they cause expensive AC failure.

  • Spotlight on the No-Hassle Maintenance Club

    Without regular HVAC maintenance, your heating and cooling system can develop serious problems, causing you a great deal of frustration and discomfort—not to mention the cost of repairing or replacing your HVAC system. Fortunately, there is a maintenance program that takes the guesswork out maintaining your HVAC system.

    Spotlight on the No-Hassle Maintenance Club | Nashville, TN The Comfort Club by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Nashville provides members with regular, bi-annual checkups and service. As a Comfort Club member, you will receive one precision tune-up, professional cleaning, and one safety check of both your air conditioner and heating equipment. Comfort Club members also enjoy special privileges such as discounts on parts and labor and priority scheduling. Contact the HVAC maintenance experts at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about the benefits of joining the Comfort Club.

  • The Steps of Changing Furnace Filters

    Of all the service calls HVAC technicians receive in the wintertime, a majority of them are related to a dirty furnace filter. Fortunately, changing a furnace filter is one of the easiest maintenance tasks you can tackle yourself. When changing the furnace filter, the most important thing to remember is to make sure that the airflow indicators point towards the furnace. Watch this short video clip to learn more about the importance of changing the furnace filter and how to go about performing this simple maintenance project.

    Changing a furnace filter isn’t that hard, but that doesn’t mean you should attempt every facet of furnace maintenance on your own. If you want to keep your furnace in tip-top shape, schedule an annual inspection and tune-up with a heating service provider in Nashville . And should you encounter any problems with your furnace, no matter how small they may appear, schedule timely heating repair to prevent a bigger and more expensive problem later on.

  • Why is Furnace Maintenance Important?

    Spring is right around the corner, and that means warmer weather is on the horizon. But just because you won’t be running your furnace for a few months doesn’t mean you should neglect furnace maintenance. For the same reason you wouldn’t neglect car maintenance, neglecting to maintain your heating system will only lead to more problems later on. Consider these benefits of regular furnace maintenance and then contact a heating service company in Nashville to learn about annual maintenance plans.

    Limit Heating Repairs

    Every winter, heating and cooling companies in Nashville receive calls from residents with heating problems that could have been easily prevented with regular maintenance. Routine furnace maintenance not only prevents major heating problems but also allows you to catch small problems before they turn into major repairs. If you sign up for an annual maintenance plan with an HVAC service provider, you will receive discounts on parts and labor and priority scheduling in addition to scheduled furnace maintenance.

    Why is Furnace Maintenance Important? | Nashville, TN

    Improve Energy Efficiency

    Routine furnace maintenance should include a cleaning of the furnace burner and heat exchanger and cleaning or replacement of the furnace filter. These simple maintenance tasks will reduce the strain on your heating system and keep your furnace running efficiently all winter long. When you consider the energy savings of an efficient furnace, the cost of furnace maintenance is minor compared to what you can expect to save over the life of your heating system.

    Keep Your Family Safe

    If you have a fuel-burning furnace, the combustion process must be precise to maintain efficiency and safety. Even minor furnace problems can lead to gas leaks and a dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide. Make sure the exhaust pipes are not cracked or damaged and check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors every six months.

  • Shopping for a Furnace? Keep These Tips in Mind

    Heating and cooling can account for as much as half of your energy costs. To minimize these costs you need to make sure that your heating and cooling equipment is as efficient as possible. If your furnace is more than 15 years old or experiencing constant problems, you could save yourself a lot of money in the long run by purchasing a new, energy-efficient heating unit. An HVAC contractor in Nashville can help you choose the heating system that is right for your household and get it properly set up for you, too. In the meantime, keep these tips on the back of your mind when shopping for a new furnace.

    Aim for High Efficiency

    Shopping for a Furnace? | Nashville, TN How efficiently a furnace converts gas into heating energy is reflected in its annual fuel utilization efficiency rating (AFUE). The higher the AFUE percentage, the more heat the furnace can wring from the gas. Although high-efficiency furnaces can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than low-efficiency models, you can often recoup that additional cost through lower fuel bills over the life of the furnace.

    Get a Heating Load Assessment

    It doesn’t matter if you buy the highest-efficiency furnace you can find if it isn’t the right size for your home. A furnace that is too large for your home will continuously cycle on and off, while a furnace that is too small will need to run for longer periods of time. In either case, a furnace that isn’t sized for your home will not yield maximum efficiency. Contact a furnace replacement company in Nashville and request an in-home heating load assessment. Your HVAC contractor will measure your home and assess your insulation levels and ventilation to determine the heating output that’s right for your household.

  • Tips for Replacing a Furnace

    Warmer weather may be on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the fact that your old furnace barely kept you warm this winter. If your furnace is more than 15 years old, chances are good that your furnace system needs to be replaced. Not only will you increase your comfort with a new furnace but you’ll also save money by upgrading to a more energy-efficient unit. When replacing your furnace, consider the size of your home and your family’s heating needs to find the most appropriate heating system. For more tips on replacing your old furnace, watch this short video from Angie’s List.

    If the time has come to replace your furnace, contact a heating and air conditioning service in Nashville that specializes in furnace replacement . A heater specialist can help you identify the right furnace based on your heating needs. And once your new furnace is installed, rely on your HVAC contractor to keep your heating system in tip-top shape with regular maintenance and timely heating repairs.

  • A Look at Aeroseal Technology

    Does your home experience high energy bills, air quality problems, and/or excessive dust? If so, duct leakage may be causing your problems. Air ducts play an important role in your HVAC system’s performance and efficiency. Even small cracks and holes in the duct work can reduce the level of comfort inside your home and increase heating and cooling costs. Fortunately, Aeroseal’s aerosol ductwork sealing technology internally seals duct work to increase comfort, improve indoor air quality, and even save you money on heating and cooling costs and HVAC repairs. A certified HVAC contractor in Nashville can provide duct cleaning and sealing using Aeroseal technology to give you all the benefits of good duct work. Here are some important things to know about Aeroseal.

    How it Works
    Aeroseal’s aerosol ductwork sealing technology was invented and developed by the Energy Performance of Buildings Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1994 with funding by the U.S. EPA, U.S. Department of Energy, and the California Institute of Energy and Environment. Aeroseal internally seals air ducts by injecting a fog of aerosol sealant particles into a sealed and pressurized duct system. As the particles are carried through a leak, they collide with and adhere to the leak edges to build up a seal around cracks and holes.

    Estimated Savings and Other Benefits
    Duct leaks mean extra air must be supplied so sufficient heating or cooling reaches the conditioned space. This increases effective heating and cooling loads and increases fan energy due to increased flow and/or run time. In other words, leaky air ducts will only increase your heating and cooling costs. Government reports have shown that air duct sealing can result in up to $850 in energy savings per year. Some homeowners have even saved up to 40% on their energy bills. In addition to lower heating and cooling costs, Aeroseal duct sealing and professional duct cleaning in Nashville will allow your home to cool down or heat up more quickly, deliver greater air flow for increased comfort, and eliminate excess humidity, dirt, fumes, and gas to improve indoor air quality.

    A Look at Aeroseal Technology

  • Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

    Heating and cooling makes up more than half of the average household’s energy usage. Unfortunately, HVAC systems become less efficient with each passing year. That’s why it’s important that you maintain your heating and cooling equipment to minimize efficiency loss and keep your monthly energy bills as low as possible. Proper maintenance can also significantly extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment. These simple maintenance tips will help prolong the life and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. You can also sign up for a maintenance plan with a heating and cooling company in Nashville .

    Inspect and Replace Air Filters Regularly

    Air filters aren’t very expensive or very big, but they can have a large impact on the overall performance and maintenance of your HVAC system. Whether you choose to use disposable filters or reusable, high-efficient pleated air filters, get in the habit of checking your air filters at least once every 60 days and clean or replace as necessary.

    Clean Around AC and Heat Units

    Maintaining Your HVAC System - Nashville

    If your air conditioner and heating units are located on the ground, clear two feet of space around the units and keep the equipment free of leaves, pollen, and grass. Debris can clog the exhaust and intake fans, making the heating and cooling equipment significantly less efficient. Debris can also cause your HVAC equipment to overheat and fail prematurely.

    Schedule Annual HVAC Tune-Ups

    The best thing you can do for your heating and cooling equipment is to schedule annual tune-ups with an HVAC maintenance and repair company in Nashville. Not only will a tune-up keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency, but it will also allow a heating and cooling expert to identify and fix any minor and developing problems before they become worse and cause major damage or require significant repairs.